We have a problem. At conventions around the world, TrekFan members are besieged by a common foe: Not enough bandwidth. If the entire convention is over-run with geeks, it’s almost impossible to get a call through. Even SMS can be a challenge.

The good news is that we have a solution. TrekFan members with an amateur radio can make short work of the bandwidth problem, coordinate times and locations and make it easier to share and pass messages throughout the facilities.

Unfortunately, our solution has a problem, too. The average of an Amateur Radio operator is sixty years old and climbing. The technology is considered antiquated, the knowledge considered nearly useless — Unless you have the kind of problem we’re trying to solve.

Fortunately, our problem has a solution! All we need are more people within our ranks to learn how to use amateur radio technology. If we can find some way to get a good textbook into their hands, they could learn the skills and pass the technician exam. They could bring a radio to a convention and start helping people out! How can we make that happen?

It’s pretty easy. If you’re interested in earning a Communications Qualification in TrekFan, all you have to do is send us an E-mail and let us know. Once you do, you’ll be entered into a monthly drawing. What happens if your name is pulled? We send a package to your house.

What’s in it? We’re glad you asked.

First, a copy of the Gordon West study manual for the 2014-18 FCC Element 2 Technician Class Amateur Radio license exam. Second, a check to cover the cost of the FCC exam in your area. Third?


That’s right: A 4-watt dual-band radio, so you can listen while you study, and get on the air as soon as the FCC says you’re allowed.