Flight Operations


‘Star Trek’ Creator Gene Roddenberry was a pilot. Walter “Matt” Jefferies (who designed the original Enterprise) was a pilot, too. If you’ve never been behind the flight controls of an airplane, this may be your chance to see what captured their imagination.

TrekFan sends a ‘Star Trek’ fans into the sky with a Certificated Flight Instructor. If you’d like to give it a try, send an E-mail to Team Trekfan, letting them know that you’re up for the adventure. You’ll be entered into the drawing, and with any luck you’ll be soaring with the eagles soon!

The following members have flown in the program and have therefore successfully qualified for TrekFan Flight Operations:

  • Theresa Watkins
  • Janek Kazimer
  • Jonathan Connor
  • Catalina Corral
  • Emmett Plant
  • Stephanie Fox
  • Valentina O’Donnell
  • Jerie Shaw