02: Starfleet Academy

Here’s how it works. When you join TrekFan, you can join Starfleet Academy (if you live in the US). What happens next?

We send you a random Star Trek novel. You read it, and fill out a form letting us know what you thought about it. Then we send you another random Star Trek novel. We have thousands of them, and we want to get them in your hands for free.

We’re not a library. Do not send the books back. Keep them if you like, or pass them to a friend. If you could tell them about TrekFan when you give it to them, that would be great. All we need from you is a review of the book, which we’ll anthologize and add to our records — So that others may make informed decisions about which Star Trek book they’d like to read next.

As this entire system is free, please be patient. While we typically send books out once a week, we try to use the cheapest possible mailing method to get them to you.